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25 Jan 2024
16:00  - 17:30


Sharing EVIST Survey Results: The Impact of Ecovillages Worldwide

We invite you to participate in this event on Thursday, January 25 where the results of the EVIST Survey, focussing on the impact of ecovillages in their regions, will be shared. The event is organized by the Foundation of International…
09 Jan 2024
08:00  - 09:30

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvOpQ6GIMuQ


GENOA Community Call Jan 2024 - Measuring Ecovillage Impact on their regions with EVIST project

Ecovillages are often called living laboratories for sustainable practices where people learn, innovate and practice sustainable methods of living from building houses, making money, decision making, to tending our inner landscapes. In our…
14 Dec 2023
12:00  - 14:00


ReGEN4All Project

ReGEN4ALL Colloquium 6: Ecovillage Impact (with dr. Rebeca Roysen)

ReGen4All Poster
EVIST team member Dr. Rebeca Roysen will speak at the ReGEN4All Colloquium about the impact of ecovillages on their local social environments.
09 Nov 2023 - 10 Nov 2023
23:00  - 01:00


CASA Latina

Resultados proyecto EVIST - evento online 09.11.2023

Les invitamos a participar de ese evento el jueves 9 de noviembre en formato bilingüe (portugués-español) donde se van a compartir los resultados de las primeras fases del proyecto EVIST - una investigación internacional sobre el impacto de…
29 Aug 2023


Mélissa Godin

Online Newspaper Article About Ecovillages

Using the input from EVIST Researcher Nadine Bruewhiler, journalist Mélissa Godin has published an article about how people in ecovillages around the world deal with climate change. Click on the event to access the full article.
01 Jun 2023
18:30  - 20:15

Register here: https://k11331.evasys.de/evasys/public/online/index/index?online_php=&p=sustainability&ONLINEID=623418852873010846537094727524255546529195


Public Lecture: Why ecovillage research should think and talk about capitalism? (Dr. Lara Monticelli)

The EVIST Team organizes a public lecture with Dr. Lara Monticelli about the relationship between ecovillages and capitalism. Click here for more information.
21 Apr 2023 - 22 Apr 2023
13:00  - 18:00

Herzfeld Sennrüti, Degersheim


Student Excursion for the Seminar: Sustainability and Spirituality in Ecovillages

 Das Ökodorf Herzfeld Sennrüti
For the course "Sustainability and Spirituality in Ecovillages", the EVIST team visited together with sudents the Herzfeld Sennrüti ecovillage in Degersheim, Switzerland. Read more here.
05 Apr 2023
19:00  - 21:00


Ponto de Encontro da Sustentabilidade

Public event

Presentation about the EVIST project at Ponto de Encontro da Sustentabilidade

Flyer lecture
Rebeca Roysen will present about the EVIST project at Ponto de Encontro da Sustentabilidade. Language: Portuguese
20 Feb 2023
09:00  - 11:00


EVIST Project and Narara Ecovillage

Public event

Session at the Australian National Sustainable Living Festival

The EVIST Project in collaboration with Narara Ecovillage will present a session at the Australian National Sustainable Living Festival.